We're a team of creatives, engineers, and artists who wake up every day excited to craft new stories.


Soy Choi

Managing Director

Recent Mac OS convert

Charles Onesti

Head of Engineering

Won't shut up about how great wales is!

Yousuf Bakshi

Creative Director

The very best (designer) that no one ever was!

Anna Gong


Brb, gotta debug this bitta code!

Naina Tejani

Senior Engineer

If you read this, tell me your favorite Pokémon!

Eli Su

Senior Designer

Find her golfing or falling asleep during movies

Anina Ku

Head of Sales

The guy in this headshot knows nothing about 2020...

Alvin Zou

Project Manager

Bignum, Petair, and Pita... I don't know why I get so many nicknames.

Peter Bynum

Head of Engineering

I'm pretty sure I was a plant in a past life. Specifically an apple tree.

Jada Lee


"He doesn't even go here."

Spencer Tiberi


The best tech, the very best people.

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Our Story

Whether it's a small personal website, or a full-scale mobile appwe've done it all. What started out as a small student-run dev shop has grown into a well-oiled team of Harvard's very best design thinkers and engineers. We specialize in creating highly customized web and app experiences: the kind of breathtaking tech products that just make you go wow.

Our secret lies in making you just as excited to work with us as we are to work with you. We assemble an all-star team so you don't have to. It can be a small redesign. It can be software for your business. It can just be a rough sketch on some scratch paper. No idea is too big, or too small. Our design thinking framework brings the very best of modern UI/UX, perfecting screens through thoughtful iteration; our engineers bring it all to life.

We believe that good tech starts with good people. That means not only building good tech with the best possible team, but also to build good tech for good people. Don't hesitate to share your ideas with us, the best tech comes from active discussion. You'll be here every step of the way: thinking with us, dreaming with us. Who knows, your moment of inspiration can turn into the next big thing—if you just have the right team behind you.